«M System» is the developer of the unique Russian CAD software «United Cycle», which provides the mathematical modeling of thermal power units, plants and systems, and allows you to perform the full range of thermal engineering calculations .


Mathematical modeling is a best way to improve the  efficiency of production of electricity and heat. Our advanced technology helps solve the following problems:
1. Power plant design and construction
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Support of their technical solutions
  • Designing all types of power plants

2. Operation

  • Production of electricity and heat
  • Sale of electricity and thermal energy
  • Maintenance and repairs of equipment
  • Modernization of equipment and stations.
The basis of our solutions is a precise mathematical model of the plant, which helps to answer the following questions:
  1. Which scheme is optimal?
  2. What is the composition of equipment is most effective?
  3. How plant \ unit will operate across the spectrum of modes?
  4. How effective operation of the plant?
  5. What is the optimal load distribution?
  6. What equipment must first be repaired?
  7. As far as the actual condition of the equipment differs from the standard?
  8. What is the fuel consumption for a given thermal and electrical load?
  9. What are the actual technical and economic indicators of plant and equipment?
Company M System offers:
  1. Software:
    • CAD «United Cycle»
    • Calculation server United Cycle (for MES)
  2. Education CAD «United Cycle»
  3. Development of standard models of units and power plants based on them (for turbine manufacturers)
  4. Creating computational models of blocks and stations in operation (for power plants)
  5. Maintenance of software and computational models
  6. Engineering thermal calculations services.
Our engineers have over 30 years of experience in engineering calculations in the field of power plant design. Our software solutions are successfully used in the design and operation of power units and plants.
We will be happy to cooperate with international partners, please contact us at info@msystema.ru.