CAE United Cycle
Thermal engineering CAE for fossil and nuclear power plants supports whole life cycle
CAE United Cycle can be used to create a structural model of power plants and perform calculations of operation modes based on heat and material balances.

The range of calculation operating modes covers the entire range of operational loads, taking into account the supply of electricity, heat, steam.
CAE United Cycle can be useful for full life cycle of power plant:

  1. Design technical proposal of high performance power plants and thermal islands
  2. Performance test design
  3. Performance acceptance testing service
  4. Plant performance improvement
  5. Online performance monitoring system
  6. Flow meter calibration
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Our digital twin supports power plant from concept
  • Hight accuracy
    Very high calculation accuracy - up to 0.01%
  • High speed
    High speed of calculation - several milliseconds per calculation for power plant
  • UX
    Nice and simple user interface.
Our products

CAE United Cycle

Can be used standalone to create digital models of power plants and run calculations to check performance and other metrics. For example to check performance of power plant design of equipment improvement efforts.

Calculation server United Cycle

Can be used as a part of the IT system to run calculations in a batch - mode. For example find optimal parameters for equipment or check online performance.

About us

We have 30+ years of experience in thermal power engineering. Our software solutions are successfully applied both in the design and operation of fossil and nuclear power plants.

Our products and services includes:

  1. United Cycle software products delivery
  2. United Cycle educational service
  3. Develop additional models for United Cycle
  4. Thermal engineering services.
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